Amelia Valerio Weinberg Memorial Book Sculpture by Michael Frasca. Photo by Monte Davis © 2024


Consider This Your Punishment

Evie Eagleson is not like most people. Even before she became pregnant in high school, her thick eyeglasses, unruly hair, and gauche demeanor were a source of ire for her seemingly picture-perfect family. As the family scapegoat, she endured her fair share of insults, manifesting in a resolve to become an attorney to defend the world’s underdogs.

Evie tackles raising a child while pursuing her dream with gusto, but when a friend is found dead in her backyard and Ace, a homeless man, is coerced into confessing to the crime, her life is upended. Evie and her eclectic group of friends unite to discover the true killer. But will they prevail in time to save Ace?

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